Mentor Program
Mentoring is an effective way to engage a new member with other club members and with club service. It will contribute to retaining members. The Membership Committee will invite club members to serve as mentors who are willing to volunteer for this service. The important consideration is to have a pool of mentors who are knowledgeable about club activities and who will be committed to serve as an ongoing resource and source of support for our new members. The Membership Committee will assign a mentor immediately after the induction ceremony.  A new member will have a mentor for 12 months.
Typical Responsibilities of Mentors
  • Identify various resources dealing with Rotary and club history, accomplishments and structure such as RI and District websites, club website, bylaws and membership bulletin.
  • Meet periodically to monitor the new member’s involvement in club activities and attendance at club meetings.
  • Introduce the new member to every club member.  On occasion, serve together as greeters at luncheon meetings.
  • Ensure that the new member understands all club rules, including the attendance requirement and options, and financial obligations. Be readily available to answer questions and provide advice or guidance if asked.
  • Identify the various opportunities for service and participation in club projects and activities. This responsibility should be introduced early in the mentorship process.
  • Describe the responsibilities of club committees and suggest a committee assignment that is suited to the new member’s interests, if possible.
  • Inform the new member about opportunities to serve the club administration, such as the newsletter, club website, fellowship, public relations, fund raising, and Rotaract.
  • Encourage the new member and the member’s family to attend club social events held during the year. Suggest how the new member can participate in planning these special events.