There are many benefits of being a member of the Rotary Club of New Brunswick.
  • COMMUNITY SERVICE: Above all else, you will join Rotarians who are committed to community service. Whether you are interested in helping veterans, the homeless, in providing scholarships for deserving students, or making a difference in the everyday lives of the citizens in New Brunswick, Highland Park and North Brunswick, you will have multiple opportunities for community engagement.
  • LEADERSHIP: You will have the opportunity to use your personal and professional skills in taking leadership in any of the projects sponsored by our Rotary Club. Our volunteers are engaged in many projects that make their community a better place to live and work.
  • NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES: The Rotary Club of New Brunswick has attracted leaders from all major professional and business backgrounds. Joining Rotary can provide personal satisfaction in community service, make new friends and network your business, and also offers an opportunity for your company to promote a worthy local or international project. Rotary enables you to connect with other leaders in the community as well as with other Rotary leaders around the world.
  • SPECIAL EVENTS: Since the Club received a charter in 1920, we have invited interesting guest speakers and civic leaders to address topics of current interest during our luncheon and dinner meetings. In addition, our club has sponsored celebrations and social events to raise funds for worthy humanitarian and health related causes as well as to enjoy fellowship among Rotarians and their guests.
  • HAVING FUN: Joining Rotary will enable you to work with others who share your interests in community service while also have fun doing good.