Pam Stefanek from New Brunswick City Market was the first speaker. This organization is the management company for the New Brunswick Special Interest District. She gave an update on the plans, events, and activities that are and will be taking place in New Brunswick. In addition, she mentioned that our club can post activities on the organization’s Calendar of Events.

The second speaker was Adam F. Staats, Senior Project Coordinator of the Price Family Fellows Program. This is a transition program for youth who age out of foster care and attend Rutgers University. They need support in transitioning to adulthood and college. They are provided with internships, help with financial aid, and housing. There are internships and summer programs for them.


Pam Stalcup mentioned that the Rags to Runway Project now has an emcee. The focus now is on getting more students to participate in the event.

The holiday party is on December 15. The charity that our organization will support this year is Elijah’s Promise. Sharan mentioned that the party attendees are asked to bring a check payable to the New Brunswick Rotary Foundation. One foundation check will be given to Elijah’s Promise.

The Rotary Club of New Brunswick’s participation at the New Brunswick Holiday Tree Lighting was a success. Four club members manned the Rotary table, and hot cider was served to those who came over to the table.