Welcome to the Rotary Club of New Brunswick.
I am proud to be a Rotarian, and I am most honored and humbled to serve as President of the Rotary Club of New Brunswick for the Rotary year 2018-2019.
Rotary International President Barry Rassin’s Theme for the 2018-2019 Rotary Year is "be the inspiration." I would like to call all of you to be the ones that inspire our club to do something greater than before, and have the drive to create something that will live beyond each of us.
In President Rassin's words, "we are a membership organization first," and what he is saying is without active membership we would never be able to serve or succeed in our goals.
We have several goals to achieve this year:
  • We will attract and retain at least six new members.
  • It is our desire to partner and make full acquaintance with PRAB. They will be our primary charity along with Prevent Child Abuse in this Rotary year.
  • We will reach out to our neighbors in the surrounding community in order to broaden our scope and better meet the needs of the communities we serve.
  • We will continue to support international projects either of our own making or through partnering with other Rotary clubs.
  • We will give our full support to the Rutgers Rotaract Club this year; financially, as well as through helping them become an integral part of the Rotary Club of New Brunswick.
  • Rotary has been a well-kept secret for too many years, and I wish to embark upon a campaign that will make us visible through social and traditional media.
  • Finally, we will start to prepare for our Club’s 100th anniversary that will occur in the year 2020.
There are many needy people throughout our community and the world whose only hope will come from Rotary. Let us all leave here today ready to make their lives better in any way we can. As Rotarians, it will not be good enough to give only what we have left over or what we can spare, but we must truly give of ourselves with new vigor in support of the ideals of Rotary. Let us lead the way as Rotary shares its legacy of "Service Above Self." Let us not only inspire the world through our words, but through our deeds. And most importantly let us never forget why we became Rotarians—so that together, we could accomplish, what the individual alone never could.
Thank you and I am looking forward to this year of service.
Joseph C. Nastus
President 2018-2019