New Brunswick
United States of America

Dear Members and Friends of the Greater New Brunswick Rotary Club,

Please come to our annual meeting at New Brunswick Elks 6pm-8pm January 26.

Now that we are at a halfway point of our fiscal year, and past the holidays for which I trust provided all of you with rest, happiness, and joy, we have important club business that requires your help!!!

As a member, you are a stakeholder with a vested interest in influencing the goals of our club by contributing your experience and perspective to its activities.

To all members and friends  your support can be exhibited by participating in the annual meeting as well as by taking part in upcoming community service projects sponsored by our organization.

In addition to enjoying our companionship together that evening, the main business on the agenda will be to nominate and elect Directors to serve on the Board for the 2023/2024 year and share some of our plans.

**Nominations may be also made in advance of the meeting by contacting either Geoffrey Dietzel or me.

We hope to elect 10-12 members to build a diverse and engaged Board of Directors who will effectively support the goals and community activities in the coming year.

We will be presenting a summary of our progress as a club by highlighting some projects and processes we are implementing that change our club for the better for decades that Geoff and the next group of leaders surely take to the next level.

If you could respond to this invite RSVP then go to our website to make donation for $25 via pay pal it would help our planning so much.


Food and soft drinks will be part of this event.

If you cannot attend donations are always much appreciated!!!!




Yours in Service

Steve Ferrara

Greater New Brunswick Rotary President